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ASSA is leading change in the Shared Services profession.
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In Australia and New Zealand
alone we estimate there are
more than 20,000 shared
services professionals across
300 organisations.

Our Vision

To bring Shared Services Professionals together for Learning and Growth

ASSA promotes the growth of shared services professionals by being the pre-eminent networking association and a leading source of knowledge to drive performance improvement in your business.

The Australasian Shared Services Association (ASSA) is a professional industry membership association committed to sharing Shared Services knowledge, experience and insight.

ASSA is a not-for-profit organisation run by shared services professionals, for shared services professionals. We welcome members from both public and private sector organisations, irrespective of the size of your business.

Our Strategic Intent is focused on “Bringing Shared Services Professionals together” .

We provide many opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and share industry experience, insight and innovations, including:

  • Networking events and forums;
  • Tailored and regionally focussed benchmarking;
  • What and Who is making the news in Shared Services across the globe;
  • Conference and partner discounts;
  • Cross-industry participation and learning;
  • Foster strategic alliances with other like-minded organisations;
  • Facilitate site visits to other shared services member organisations;
  • Limited Shared Services advisory support.

Join us now and enhance the profile of shared services professionals in Australasia.

Corporate shared services functions typically manage diverse organisational operations – from transactional activities and help desks through to transformational change and business systematisation. Shared services professionals have broad and deep company knowledge and strong process experience – skills they use to deliver an organisation’s strategic objectives.

We originally began as the Australasian Shared Services Benchmarking Association (ASSBA) and we recently evolved into the Australasian Shared Services Association (ASSA). ASSA is a professional industry membership association committed to representing the collective voice of the shared services profession.

This new name is intended to express ASSA’s expanded focus of promoting better practice in the shared services profession, together with a broader range of industry and professional development initiatives. Our vision is to deliver shared services expertise, insight and innovation.

We are planning many opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and share industry experience, insight and innovations, including:

  • Industry specific training
  • Shared services industry accreditation
  • Networking events and forums
  • Conference and partner discounts
  • Cross-industry participation and learning
  • Authoritative voice for benchmarking, studies and governance in shared services
ASSA Memberships

Professional Member


Per Annum
  • For individuals working in a shared service environment
  • For those interested in Shared Services; eg. consultants or academics
  • Access to, and discounts for, ASSA networking events and forums
  • Borderless networking for new and existing shared service professionals
  • Cross-industry participation and learning with exposure to companies with varying degrees of shared services maturity
  • Represent the profession through a single voice
  • And more!
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  • ASSA welcomes any level of sponsorship of our association either as event-based or in kind support. Please contact the president to discuss further.
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