To all members and supporters of ASSA

At the AGM of the Australasian Shared Services Association (ASSA) held on 15th Nov 2018 it was agreed by a unanimous vote to wind up the association. This process will commence immediately.

Events scheduled for the remainder of this calendar year will continue as planned.

The Board would like to thank all those members, guests and sponsors who have supported ASSA since its formation in 2001. We have appreciated your interest and enthusiasm to help us achieve our vision of "sharing insight and knowledge in the Shared Services industry".

As a result, the following will apply to memberships:

  • No new memberships will be accepted from 15th Nov 2018
  • No renewals will be issued/accepted from the 15th Nov 2018
  • For those wishing to seek a pro-rata reimbursement of their memberships, please send an email request including bank account details to